Models and tools

We use physical models and tools to get a practical hands-on experience with working on the project

How physical models and tools are used in RoC drills

Experience shows that the use of physical models and tools adds two extra dimensions to what is normally achieved through workshops; By rehearsing with models the participants get a realistic visual impression of the project and by using tools the participants will teach each other their respective interdependencies.

The use of physical models and tools

  • Provides an effective physical visualization.
  • Make discussions follow the natural flow of the project
  • Highlights interfaces between participants
  • Provides realism to discussions and constitutes a reality check
  • Make discussions visual, concrete and focused
  • Stimulates imagination and generates ideas
  • Visualizes opportunities and demonstrates conflicts

On top of this it is motivating for the participants, which generates a high engagement in discussions. The tools must be designed such that they have the key functionalities relevant for the desired discussions and they must be to scale.

The use of tools and models in a RoC drill is in particular powerful if they are used by the engineers and experts who are responsible for executing the real project. By the experts’ use of the models and tools in the rehearsal they show you what is in their heads, which in turn will show if there are parts of the plan that needs more attention.

RoC drill of a windturbine project

The use of physical models and tools tends to drive discussions into a greater level of detail. Experience shows that it is not only the devil that lies in the detail, the profit does as well.Models and tools can either be delivered by yourself or by us.

Through dialogue RoC Consult specialises in designing and producing models and tools specific to your project… and they are of course yours to keep after the RoC drill.

Which models and tools would you require to simulate your project?

What people say about RoC drill

The result for Gode Wind of executing ROC Drills is stress test of schedules, alignment of interfaces, Risk assessment, Health & Safety Environment assessment, insure implementation of lesson learned.

Furthermore, the project gained a clear view on the split of responsibility between internal resources and external stakeholders.

The ROC Drill concept for testing the plan for larger construction projects can only be recommended.

Jens Poulsen

Deputy EPC Director, Gode Wind project

What people say about RoC drill

Overall, we are happy with the result of the exercise and definitely recommend getting Kim’s help in testing contingency plans for the handling of major breakdowns.

Rasa Krutulyte

Senior Asset Integrity Manager,

DONG Energy Wind Power


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