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Risk Management Tools

Simplifying risk management

Providing risk management tools for better and simpler risk management.

Risk Education

Teaching through examples

We post examples of projects with different risk scenarios and analyse what went wrong.

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Risk Management

The FIRM Scorecard

Within the field of Risk Management, there are various ways of identifying risks. Depending on the way in which you wish to realize these risks, there are certain risk classification systems to choose from. One of these is the FIRM scorecard, which at some points serves the same purpose as the Business Impact Model. Both …

Risk Management

Relational coordination

When cooperating across sections there may arise a line of potential problems, mainly in regards to the communicative aspect. These problems arise as a result of the clashing of different expertise, authorities and cultural differences. In relation to this a professor within the field of management by the name of Jody H. Gittel has come …

Risk Management

Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis There will often be many active pieces within an organization. Some may be critical for the organization’s infrastructure, and others may be not as essential for the survival of the company. When conducting a business Impact Analysis (BIA) one needs to consider what is it, that brings actual value to the company. …

Risk Management

It does not have to be time consuming, complicated and expensive.

But unfortunately it is most of the time… Especially in complex projects!

That is why we use risk management tools!

In risk management there is a number of tools, or methods, one can use to identify, rate and mitigate risk. These methods are a combination of simple and inexpensive ones, such as a brainstorming exercise. To the more complicated, expensive and time consuming ones, such as organisational risk governance and organisational risk communication.

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Educational Examples

With educational examples, our goal is to present the reader with situations or projects where a risk became an incident. By analysing what went wrong and what should have been done, we can hopefully provide valuable knowledge to the reader.

What went wrong

In these educational examples we present a case where a specific project or part of the projects have gone wrong. We try to examine where the “point-of-no-return” is (i.e., where the risk became an incident).

What should have been done

Then, when we know where the project went wrong, we will go back in time before the “point-of-no-return” and see what could have been done differently to avoid the risk becoming an incident.

What can we learn

By doing so, we can provide valuable knowledge and “experience” to, hopefully, get your critical thinking going, so you can avoid the same incidents in your projects!

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