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Risk Management Tools

Simplifying risk management

Providing risk management tools for better and simpler risk management.

Risk Education

Teaching through examples

We post examples of projects with different risk scenarios and analyse what went wrong.

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What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Managing a large-scale construction project is no small task. There are many moving parts, stakeholders with which to communicate, supplies to order, funding to obtain, permits to acquire, and safety to consider. With this understanding, it may not be a surprise to hear that time delays are quite common within construction projects. However, recent reports …

Controls to Reduce Risk & Pitfalls to Avoid

Introduction There are numerous controls to avoid and reduce the risks to your project or organization. Though the risk is not always avoidable, there are ways to alter it. Below are proven controls used to alter risk. Controls – Engineering Controls: these are controls that reduce risk using engineering methods. This can include: 1. How …

The Risk Management Cycle

Introduction: The risk management cycle is a model organizations and project managers use and is fundamental to their risk management framework. This cycle includes the steps taken to reduce risk and can be modified according to the needs of the organization or project. The risk management cycle featured in this article will focus on four …

Risk Management

It does not have to be time consuming, complicated and expensive.

But unfortunately it is most of the time… Especially in complex projects!

That is why we use risk management tools!

In risk management there is a number of tools, or methods, one can use to identify, rate and mitigate risk. These methods are a combination of simple and inexpensive ones, such as a brainstorming exercise. To the more complicated, expensive and time consuming ones, such as organisational risk governance and organisational risk communication.

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Educational Examples

With educational examples, our goal is to present the reader with situations or projects where a risk became an incident. By analysing what went wrong and what should have been done, we can hopefully provide valuable knowledge to the reader.

What went wrong

In these educational examples we present a case where a specific project or part of the projects have gone wrong. We try to examine where the “point-of-no-return” is (i.e., where the risk became an incident).

What should have been done

Then, when we know where the project went wrong, we will go back in time before the “point-of-no-return” and see what could have been done differently to avoid the risk becoming an incident.

What can we learn

By doing so, we can provide valuable knowledge and “experience” to, hopefully, get your critical thinking going, so you can avoid the same incidents in your projects!

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